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Indium sulfate

As a specilized manufacturer of indium sulfate, we can supply it with good quality and very competitive price, we can also produce it according to customer's requirments.

More details

Product: indium sulfate

Molecular Formula:In2(SO4)3.9H2O;In2(SO4)3

Molecular Weight:679.64

Characteristic:white crystalline powder, deliquescent and easy to dissolves in water

Application: used for liquid of plating indium

Purity:99.99%min  In content: 38.4%

Specification (%)

Elements         Fe  Cd  Al  Cu  Pb  Sb  As  Zn  Sn

Impurity(PPM)    5   5   4    4    5    5   4   5    5

Packing: it is packed in a white plastic bottle inner with vacuum polyethylene bag.